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Other Programmes

As a school we also undertake various charitable causes during the year.

Intervention Programmes

The school has an established intervention program after school. Monday - Thursday

  1. One on One Tutoring with Teacher
  2. Home- work Assist

The teachers work with the learners individually during class-time, continuously assessing their academic strength and weakness. They work through problem areas to improve the learners academics, build their self- confidence and enhance their learning experience.

Slow Learner

Espoir Academy is NOT a remedial school; however we have made special provision for the needs of Slow learners. At Espoir Academy we celebrate the fact that our learners are individuals and that no two individuals are the same. Each learner has his/her own Learning styles: visual, aural, tactile.

Different learners have different learning styles.

  • Some learners are “visual” – they need to see pictures, illustrations, charts
  • Other learners are “aural” – they like to listen, hear, and discuss.
  • Some learners are “tactile” or “kinaesthetic” learners like to touch, they enjoy hands–on experiences, they like to do things, and enjoy physical activities.
  • Learners also have varying degrees of attention span

Therefore, we subscribe to the idea of stimulating all senses when teaching and learning and continuous assessment of learners’ achievements and challenges. Our teaching staff is 100 percent hands on and is observant of each individual learners’ performance at all times.


The school’s aftercare program runs from after school until 17h00 – 17h30. Kindly call to make arrangements should you be delayed in any way. Pack in extra food or snacks for the kids to eat during aftercare

Reading Programmes

The school have a book Library and we encourage our learners to Read-A-Book-A-Week. With the unique BOOK ADVENTURE project our learners experience great adventure through books and they systematically work towards the annual READ-A-THON and SPELL-A-THON where they can share their love and achievement of the written word.

Play & Learn Programmes

The school provides a play-&-learn programme, with training aids that makes learning more fun for learners. So much so, that they won’t even realize that they are actually learning, literacy and numeracy. E.g. Puzzles & Scrabble, Word Searches, etc.

Computer Labs

The school has a full media room, where learners learn and experience computers. Computer Application Training lessons are given to all learners from Grade RR to 12

And We are rolling out E-learning programmes.


We further stimulate and develop our learners’ minds by introducing them to the game of Chess, so there are no idle minds at Espoir.

O.C.P (Out Of Class Practicals)

We encourage our learners to learn about, and explore the community around them. Over the course of the year our students have planned outings to:

  • Theatre Performance
  • Theatre Visits
  • The Nature reserve Hikes
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Debates
  • Photoshoots
  • Olympiads

31 Rifle Range Road
Ridgeway, Johannesburg
Gauteng, South Africa


Phone: +27 (0) 87 378 1615
Whatsapp: +27 (0) 82 336 9877